Hugo CMS - Useful terminal commands

I started using Hugo looking for publishing my personal notes in a better way, closer to my daily tasks and tools.

Hugo CMS - Create a website/blog

After many years trying to maintain my own blog and many other corporate sites, recently I noticed that I had no time too keep those websites in the way that WordPress and other CMS required.

Go - The definitive guide to understand modules and how to work with them correctly

Let’s understand what are and how to manage Go modules

VSCode - How-To open wsl Ubuntu terminal in VSCode in Windows 10

How to work with WSL linux terminal in VSCode

Java - Configure Spring Boot with application properties files. Visibility

Shell - GIT - Work with branches

Nowadays, most IDE has menu options and shortcuts to run Git command but sometimes you may prefer to do it all by yourself.

Shell - Java - How-To with Maven

There is a lot of common daily tasks that I need to execute with Maven.

Shell - Línea de Comandos Linux (Ubuntu) – Comandos

Hola a tod@s: En esta entrada del blog quiero compartir con ustedes todas esas tareas y comandos que suelen necesitar quienes se dedican a administrar sistemas y trabajar en entornos Linux: Usuarios sudo

Metodología - Checkstyle - Tengamos el mismo estilo

Hola Programador@s: ¿Quién sabe qué es el CheckStyle? Fue por allá en septiembre de 2016 cuando formé parte de un grupo de desarrolladores con mucha mas experiencia que yo en la programación en grupo.